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This guide covers it all..

We cover details about our van, our roof ran installation, electrical, solar, batteries, shore power, alternator charging, diagrams for all of those, insulation from the floor up, furring stripping before insulation, windows, walls, vapor barriers, plumbing and diagrams, our entire layout, dimensions, and the murphy bed. You get access to our 3D SketchUp model as well as two variations of a .DAE 3D model with the murphy bed up and down. This is the totally comprehensive guide to building our van based on the systems we have used. Any updates or revisions to the guide will be emailed to all purchasers for the life of the document.

If you've been searching for the ultimate sprinter van layout, look no further. After two years of living and traveling in our DIY bus conversion, we are excited to have created the ultimate multi-functional van layout and guide to replicate it on your own.

Our complete guide features a Sketchup 3D model of our layout, full dimensions, as well as tips, tricks, and other food for though. Every aspect of our van is covered, including links to many of the products used in our build. We share how simply you can build a murphy bed in your van, with easy to install and inexpensive hardware to maximize the livability and functionality of any type of van or bus you might be planning to convert.

We're confident you will build the van of your dreams with our comprehensive 68 page guide!

You will receive two files, one named Tío Aventura // Chevere // The Complete Van Build Guide.pdf and Chevere Complete Layout.skp in this download.

Chevere Complete Layout.skp can be viewed in SketchUp Viewer on iOS, Android, or the free version of SketchUp's web app which is capable of viewing and editing the .skp file. The document was created on SketchUp pro 2020, and works on the Web app as well as the primary app. If you are using an older version os SketchUp, reach out to us as we are happy to save the file in an older format for you.

Item will be delivered by email with a download link immediately upon purchasing and will be available via my orders on our website to re-download for 72 hours.

* Please note this build guide includes electrical wiring diagrams and information regarding plumbing, but we advise consulting with a professional before attempting any work on your own. You assume all risk by doing electrical and plumbing work on your own!

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