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We're MarIajosé & Chase

We're two intrepid souls yearning for experiences by way of a nomadic life with our daughter & two rescue dogs.


In 2018 Chase lost his job in a corporate restructure. Instead of rejoining the ladder climb, we decided to buy an old Nashville Metro school bus and turn it into our first tiny home on wheels. It didn't take long for us to fall in love with this lifestyle and this community and we've since made it our life-mission to share with others, our journey, and the way we make it happen as individuals and as a family.


we're based in Nashville, Tennessee, where we started our vehicle conversion business, no coast van co. in a 2400sqft shop, & where we wind down after months on the road. We are garnering a community of nomads & potential nomads alike, while hoping to be an inspiration & point of contact for useful information that is often difficult to come by regarding this lifestyle.

We're an open book for information, as well as revenue streams for those interested in following in our footsteps. We're open to collaborating & working with brands from all categories & niches as we fall into many in the social media and content creation space.

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to reach us at one of these emails:
Personal emails:
business inquiries:



Want some back-story?

We love the opportunity to share our story with people in hopes that we inspire others to take control of their life, dreams, & aspirations. 

We've shared information with our friends at the companies below.

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