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We're MarIajosé & Chase


In a windfall of a moment in 2015, while living in Madison, Wisconsin, we met. That night we went on a "date" that wasn't intended to be a date and from that moment forward we spent every day together. In 2018 Chase was affected by a corporate restructure & lost his job. From there we decided to sell our home in Nashville, Tennessee and live life differently. April of that year we bought an old Metropolitan Nashville school bus and converted it into our home on wheels. After a year of living on the road we decided it was time to downsize yet again, while planning to take our travels to a much larger scale. So in November of 2019 we sold our beloved Tío to someone who promised to love it as much as we had. 

We are garnering a community of nomads & potential nomads alike, while hoping to be an inspiration & point of contact for useful information that is often difficult to come back regarding this lifestyle.

We invite you to follow along on our journey.


Want some back-story?

We love the opportunity to share our story with people in hopes that we inspire others to take control of their life, dreams, and aspirations. 

We've shared information with our friends at the companies below.

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